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    FourPhase, United Kingdom and Norway

14th April 2022

TallyBook Assists in Difficult Re-Perforation Operation

Eztek's TallyBook touch7 data logger was the ideal solution for a re-perforation operation where a normal e-line set up could not be deployed.

Our client in Asia was tasked with conducting the operation on a small platform, with low-capacity cranes to offload from a vessel, and no power available on the platform. Slickline was used as the gun deployment method (SLP); however, that introduced some correlation challenges due to wire stretch at depth and the need to perforate on target.

Eztek supplied a retro-fitted self-powering depth logger system so that downhole data could be gathered accurately in tandem with a memory GR-CCL. The stretch function built into the unit ensured that the guns shot at depth.

Multiple runs were made on several wells. The 72 hour runtime and 6 hour quick recharge time of the TallyBook logger made it easy to repeat each correlation process so that accuracy was maintained. This ensured that the client's expectations and objectives were met.

You can download our new case study from the product page.