TallyBook Touch 7

Touch 7

Zone 2 battery-powered logger with touch screen

Reduce downtime. Improve efficiency. Optimise data.

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The TallyBook Touch 7 is a compact plug and play logger that increases efficiency and flexibility by combining an easy-to-use touch-screen interface with rechargeable battery power.
The unit also increases safety by keeping dangerous pressures away from the user via low-voltage cables. The responsive touch-screen can be used easily in the field by operators wearing gloves, or in wet conditions.

Typical Applications:

Plug & abandonment; cementing operations; formation isolation valve testing; drilling & completions; casing assembly torque monitoring; drill pipe torque monitoring; tubing hangar pressure (THP); well integrity; BOP testing; coiled tubing; well kill; chemical injection; critical valve testing (topside); nitrogen pumping; scale squeeze; well pressure monitoring.


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TallyBook Touch 7
    • Suitable for Zone 2 hazardous areas
    • USB port for data download
    • Battery powered unit with quick recharge
    • Real-time graphical and digital display
    • Easy to operate touch-screen controls
    • Interfaces with intrinsically safe devices