TallyBook Zone 1

Zone 1

Data logger for ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas

Reduce downtime. Improve efficiency. Optimise Data.

The Tallybook Zone 1 data logger, is an industrial grade computer combined with data acquisition electronic interface and barriers, housed in a single sealed IP66 flameproof enclosure suitable for hazardous areas. The 7" high-brightness display allows for real-time veiwing while all recorded information can be downloaded on to a Zone 1 USB stick.

Typical Applications:

Cementing operations; BOP testing; well kill; chemical injection; Nitrogen pumping; scale squeeze; well pressure monitoring


  • WITS Level 0
  • Data streaming output
  • Skid-mountable
  • Plug and play connectors
TallyBook Zone 1
    • Suitable for use in Zone 1 areas
    • Skid mountable
    • Download data to Zone 1 USB stick
    • Sample rate of 1Hz
    • 7" LCD high brightness screen
    • Simple push-button operation
    • Client logo embedded on charts