Safeye Zone 1 Fixed Camera

Zone 1 Fixed Camera

Video monitoring for ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas

Improve efficiency. Increase safety.

The ATEX-Zone 1 Fixed Camera video monitoring system offers you real-time imaging of difficult-to-view and dangerous locations in onshore and offshore operations.
The Safeye Zone 1 system is comprised of day/night cameras housed in diecast Exd enclosures. The cameras are ultralight and easy to ship. The system can be supplied complete with a safe area or Zone 2 screen and NVR.

Typical Applications:

The Safeye Zone 1 fixed camera system is ideal for use in monitoring of well head, BOP, flowhead, coil tubing, crane monitoring, rig floor, mud hut and monkey board

Safeye Zone 1 Fixed Camera
    • Diecast aluminium Exd housed camera
    • No local power required
    • Interference-free image
    • Ultralight cameras
Safeye Zone 1 captures Eztek's yard