EziPod Logger


Ideal for remote wireline operations

Reliable and cost effective solution

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The EziPods are 2-channel data-loggers for use in ATEX Zone 2 hazardous areas. They record a concise job log and offer depth, speed and tension information on a compact LCD display. All of the EziPods provide an easy-to-use alternative to existing wireline instrumentation and have enough memory to store 300 days of logging information.
They can be synchronised with the TallyBook Winchman so that, in the event of a power outage, the rechargeable internal battery of the EziPod allows full logging to continue until power is restored.

Typical Applications:

Typically the EziPods are used in remote locations for wireline, e-line and slickline operations, often as backup units for hardwired winchman panels. They can also be used as standalone systems where real-time graphical display is not required. They are available as drop-fit replacements to existing winchman panels.

EziPod Logger
    • Real-time digital display of depth, speed and tension
    • Standalone battery operation with rechargeable battery
    • Suitable for ATEX Zone 2 use
    • 1 second sample rate
    • Can store 300 days of logging information
    • Depth and overpull alarm (with optional over-pull shutdown)
    • Download data form unit to PC in text format