EziLine Correlation System

Correlation System

Complete system for wireline operations

Now part of our rental fleet - contact us for availability.

The EziLine Correlation system is a complete system for API correlation logs and igniting electric detonators. It complies with API RP67 Standard and can be used with all logging systems.

The system consists of a Perforating Panel, Safety Panel, Shooting GR/CCL Panel, Interface Panel, Printrex Printer, Transit case kit and Safety Key assembly.

Perforating Panel:

  • Provides power required for electrical igniters
  • Provides wire routing and shooting CCL detection
  • Bypass (Logging System) for other logging operations


Safety Panel:

  • Back lit LCD display shows potential between well-head and truck chassis and cable resistance
  • Audible alarm pre-set for 0.25 volts and 50 Ohms
  • Mono-conductor safety key, removable in "Safe" position only
  • TalkBack 2 way intercom system with PTT button


Shooting GR/CCL Panel:

  • Supply for shooting GR/CCL with maximum of CHV of 140 VDC and 100 mA
  • GR pulse detection (positive and negative) and CCL signal processing, providing TTL level processed pulses and DC-CCL signal
  • Oscilloscope output for verification fo line signal, pulse picking, etc.


Interface Panel:

  • Interfaces analogue signals from surface and downhole sensors with a standard PC
  • Connects to notebook PC via USB connection
  • Auxiliary input for two 4 to 20 mA sensors
  • Use with Ezquire Correlation Software


Printrex Printer:

  • 19" rackmount printer
  • 4"/sec printing speed
  • USB interface
EziLine Correlation System
    • Complete system for API correlation logs and igniting electric detonators
    • Portable or permanent mount
    • Can be used with all logging systems
    • Complies with API RP67 Standard
    • Connects to standard PC via USB port
    • Includes Ezquire data logging software
    • Perforating panel with off-the-shelf EFI and EBW firing tools