Tallybook Winchman


Mimics industry standard mechanical gauge

Records depth, speed and tension

Now part of our rental fleet - contact us for availability.
The TallyBook Winchman is an electronic depth, speed and tension winchman panel suitable for use with our Ezi-Pods and other electronic instrumentation, replacing the standard mechanical gauge used in wireline operations.
Simple to set up and use, the TallyBook Winchman mimics standard gauges, making it easy to transition to this more efficient system. 
The TallyBook Winchman offers a clear 10.4" display screen and is suitable for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Typical Applications:

The TallyBook Winchman is used to record depth, speed and tension in wireline or slickline operations.


  • Synchronize with an Ezi-Pod
  • Mounting options
Tallybook Winchman
    • User friendly operation
    • ATEX Zone 2 compliant
    • Mimics industry standard mechanical gauge
    • 1 second sample rate
    • Sliding differential tension display bar
    • Digital speed and depth display
    • Depth and overpull alarms
    • Download to Zone 2 USB stick
    • High brightness 10.4" screen