Wireline Pro

Wireline Pro

Mimics industry standard mechanical gauge

Records depth, speed and tension

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Eztek's Zone 2 hazardous area Wireline Pro is the next generation digital recording data logger. It was designed to give personnel at the worksite better visibility while carrying out well-servicing programs, from rig up to rig down.

Easy to set up and use, the Wireline Pro records more than just Depth, Tension and Speed during operations. Additional onscreen real-time well pressure displays allow for better operations management, with the clear display visible day or night.

Eztek's Wireline Pro can interface with any winch or measuring head and comes with mains or battery powered options.

Typical Applications:

Slickline, E-line, Capillary Tubing Deployments, SSV Integrity Testing, Standalone (PCE) Pressure Testing, Wellhead Maintenance (WHM)


  • Mounting options
  • Screen sizes 10.1" or 7"
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Zone 2 USB port for data downloads in hazardous area
Wireline Pro
    • User friendly operation
    • ATEX Zone 2 compliant
    • Mimics industry standard mechanical gauge
    • 1 second sample rate
    • Warning alarms: Critical zone warning; tubing hangar warning; WEG warning
    • Wire stretch function built-in
    • Job Event Log
    • Multi-level password administration
    • Onscreen real-time display
    • Fits on any winch
    • Install client's SOP working limits, max tension, max speed