While Eztek Limited focuses on customer needs and operational excellence we never forget that safety is our first priority. 
Like our customers, we demand rigorous health, safety and environmental procedures. Through two decades of activity we have established a company culture where looking after each other is a natural way of thinking.

QHSE Management System

The purpose of our QHSE Management System is to provide the framework and tools to manage evolving QHSE issues quickly and easily while acheiving a high standard of QHSE performance, as demanded by both our clients and regulatory authorities. Our goals are simple: we do not want any of our employees, contractors or visitors to get injured; we do not want any damage to equipment; we do not want to harm the environment.


QHSE Policy

Our policy is to conduct our business activities in a profitable manner that ensures the expectations of our Customers are fulfilled, harm to people and property is reduced to as low a level as reasonably pracitcable and harm to the environment is progressively reduced. This practical approach will help ensure the continued growth and profitability of the business, job security for the Eztek Team and the progressive improvement of the QHSE management system.

Our Policy is supported by the following objectives:

  • Provide sufficient training to ensure that our Policy is delivered
  • Ensure Customer Care is given the highest possible priority by all members of the Eztek Team
  • Actively strive to improve the products and services supplied to customers
  • Progressively identify and implement improvements throughout the business
  • Provide a work environment that reduces the likelihood of harm to the Eztek Team and visitors to our premises to as low a level as is reasonably practicable
  • Actively encourage ownership and commitment to the requirements of our QHSE management system by all members of the Eztek Team through consultation, participation and communication
  • Progressively reduce the likelihood of harm to the environment caused by our business activities
  • Comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements


Achievement of the stated objectives is discussed during Management Review meetings.

To ensure awareness of the QHSE Policy and supporting objectives by all members of the Eztek Team, Customers and other interested parties this Policy is displayed in the main work areas and is readily available on the network.