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31st August 2023

New Eztek Wireline Logger Captures Pressure

Eztek Limited, designer and manufacturer of electronic solutions for the global energy industry, has developed a new digital data logger specifically designed for use in slickline and e-line operations.


The new MultiPod logger is similar to Eztek’s popular EziPod in that it delivers accurate recordings of depth, speed and tension during wireline operations. However, in order to better meet the needs of their slickline and e-line clients, Eztek designed the MultiPod to capture pressure changes alongside those standard measurements.
Well dynamics change constantly when wireline companies carry out a well-intervention program so being able to capture pressure changes as they happen is essential. Being able to overlay depth, speed, tension and pressure on one plot/graph increases clarity and these combined indicators tell the operators precisely what is happening downhole.

Eztek’s Technical Sales Manager Peter Salt said: ‘The data captured by the MultiPod can mean the difference between success or failure in downhole operations. The ability to capture pressure when rigging up surface equipment is an additional plus as it allows companies to do away with the old-fashioned chart recorder.’
The MultiPod has a similar small size profile to the EziPod and comes supplied with all required cables and transducers in a rugged pelicase. This plug-and-play, battery-operated unit is available for Zone 2 or Zone 1 and can be rigged up to any measuring head.
Eztek will be featuring the MultiPod on their stand at Offshore Europe, Stand 1A32