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Depth, speed, tension & wellhead pressure logger for ATEX Zone 2 hazardous areas

Reduce downtime. Improve efficiency. Optimise data.

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The MultiPod data logger is a portable, battery-powered depth, speed, tension and wellhead pressure recorder, developed to combine winch and well-pressure data together during well intervention operations.

Providing real-time WHP to the operator during a task allows for faster, informed decision-making at critical points. Design features enable the unit to be used within any winch or operating environment, be it a large installation or remote area that has limited access to power.

MultiPod can tie into a load pin for independent tension measurement or can be tied into an existing hydraulic system.

The unit captuers toolstring activity and well pressure on a single graph/plot for better reporting and review when using the accompanying TallyView2 software.

Typical Applications:

Slickline, E-line, Fibre, Braided Line Operations


  • Can be Zone 1 or Zone 2
  • Can be configured to provide up to 8 samples per second (comes standard as 1/second)
    • Record depth, speed, tension and wellhead pressure
    • Rig up to any measuring head
    • Battery-operated
    • Plug and play
    • 1 sample/second