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Measurement and Control Instrumentation

Measurement and Control Instrumentation

From Zone 1 data loggers to dedicated workshop data logging units, Eztek Limited provides customized solutions to make reacording information easier and more efficient. All of our data loggers provide real-time graphical and digital information, with easy download in various formats. We can customize our units to fit client needs. Please fill out an Enquiry Form or email us for more information.

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Video Monitoring and Intercom Systems

Video Monitoring and Intercom Systems

The TalkBack intercoms and Safeye video monitoring equipment are built to improve safety and efficiency. The TalkBack rig intercom has been used in the field for over 10 years while our Safeye monitoring equipment is the preferred choice for our clients.

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Wireline Instrumentation

Wireline Instrumentation

Eztek's EziLine wireline range, and our TallyBook Winchman, were designed in response to client's needs. The EziLine Correlation System is a complete system for wireline operations. The EziPod is a compact data logger ideal for remote locations. The TallyBook Winchman provides a more efficient alternative to standard mechanical gauges.

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  • EziLine Correlation System

    EziLine Correlation System

      • Complete system for API correlation logs and igniting electric detonators
      • Portable or permanent mount
      • Can be used with all logging systems
  • Wireline Pro

    Wireline Pro

      • User friendly operation
      • ATEX Zone 2 compliant
      • Mimics industry standard mechanical gauge
  • EziPod Logger

    EziPod Logger

      • Real-time digital display of depth, speed and tension
      • Standalone battery operation with rechargeable battery
      • Suitable for ATEX Zone 2 use
  • Safety Key

    Safety Key

      • Isolates wireline conductor from logging system and prevents cable charging
      • Complies with API RP67 standard on explosive safety
      • Simple, compact, robust
  • P3


      • Portable perforating panel
      • Can be used with all logging systems
      • Weighs under 21kg
      • Fully portable with integral handle and trolley wheels
  • MultiPod


      • Record depth, speed, tension and wellhead pressure
      • Rig up to any measuring head
      • Battery-operated
Bespoke Electronic Systems

Bespoke Electronic Systems

As a designer and manufacturer of electronic instrumentation, Eztek Limited is able to provide a comprehensive service to companies needing specialized equipment.

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