Tallypod 250

Zone 1 mains-powered logger for long term recording

Reduce downtime. Improve efficiency. Optimize data.

Now part of our rental fleet – contact us for availability.

The TallyPod 250 is an exciting new addition to our product range. This reliable, rugged data logger combines the long-term recording capability, multiple inputs and USB download features of Eztek's TallyBook systems, with the compact standalone and simplified screen display of the EziPod range.

The TallyPod will record as a standalone system for several years and clients can adjust the recording frequency to suit their application needs.

Typical Applications:

Pharmaceutical chemical monitoring; chemical and oil plants; remote standalone monitoring


Range of recording options including, but not limited to, temperature, pressure, weight, tension


    • Long-term data recording
    • USB download
    • Suitable for Zone 1